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BSD Challenge – Bowl Final

How did the staff do with their confidence pool?  Tune in to find out!  

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Another college football season is behind us, with an exciting and dramatic championship game played last evening. To cap off the bowl season, the Black Shoe Diaries masthead held a confidence pool pick ‘em to declare a post season winner! How did everyone do? Let’s find out!

BSD Staff Picks

Woof! If ever you, dear reader, need help with a major life decision, poll the BSD writers, and then do the exact opposite of their consensus. The staff threw out some major stinkers, including going 1-11 on Wazzu vs. Minnesota, Michigan vs. Florida State, AND Ohio State vs. Clemson. Worst of all, the masthead went 0-12 in picking Penn State to beat USC. All told, the masthead went a combined 42-78 with their bowl picks, good for a 35% pick rating. But! Because this is America and we must hold contests, behold the final confidence pool standings!

Clay was the only writer to crack the 30 point mark, and easily cruised to the victory. Chris Taylor came in second, and Garrett filled out the top three. Congrats to our place-winners! As for everyone else – well, when you average less than 20 confidence points out of a possible 55, it’s probably a good idea not to get too heavily into gambling. Better luck next season everyone!