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PSUers in the NFL, Divisional Playoffs: James and Hogan Move On

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Eight teams are left in the NFL playoffs, with five of them having Penn State alums on the roster. How did the former Nittany Lions perform?

NFL: AFC Divisional-Houston Texans at New England Patriots David Butler III-USA TODAY Sports

Divisional Matchups:

Seahawks-Falcons (Gilliam)

Patriots-Texans (C. Hogan)

Packers-Cowboys (J. Crawford and S. Lee)

Steelers-Chiefs (Hali and Travis vs. J. James)

This week’s top performers:

  • Sean Lee led the Cowboys with eight tackles, including two tackles for loss.
  • Chris Hogan had four catches for 95 yards for the Patriots, including this 45-yarder. What a nice adjustment on the ball!
  • Jesse James had five catches for 83 yards for the Steelers, including this 26-yard reception. He had the best game of any TE on the field, which was surprising given that he was up against the Chiefs’ Travis Kelce.
  • Tamba Hali had one tackle for the Chiefs.
  • Jack Crawford had one tackle for the Cowboys.

Next week’s games:

Patriots-Steelers (C. Hogan vs. J. James)

Packers-Falcons (No PSUers on either roster)