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Brazen Predictions: Rose Bowl Edition

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Big Ten Championship - Penn State v Wisconsin Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

We are ~three hours out from kickoff at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena where the Nittany Lions will play in THE ROSE BOWL IN PASADENA again USC.

Before the game, we’re gonna hit you with our final brazen predictions post of what’s been a fantastic season, please give us yours in the comments.

Clay: Trace McSorley throws two picks but also throws for 350+ yards and three touchdowns as PSU pulls out a close victory in a high-scoring game.

Aaron: A defensive player will win the game’s MVP award

Eli: It will be Penn State, not USC, who has a return touchdown.

DLando: McSorley throws a pick-six, but it won’t be to Adoree’ Jakcson.

Tim: Penn State will be the one with the pick-six and it will come from hometown linebacker Koa Farmer.

Chris L: Brandon Bell gets a strip sack and Garrett Sickles will scoop and score.

Garrett: (USC Offensive Coordinator) Tee Martin stalls a crucial drive with terrible play-calling.

Chris T: Penn State scores a touchdown on offense, defense and special teams.

Dena: Penn State blocks an extra point at some point.