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Friday Nite Fight: No. 2 Penn State at No. 20 Wisconsin

Penn State takes on the Badgers in Madison


On the road for the 3rd straight week, your No. 2 ranked Penn State Nittany Lions show up at the Kohl Center on the Madison, WI campus of the No. 20 Badgers. There, they will pound Bucky into submission. Should only take about 20 minutes (the submission part; the whole dual will last 2 hours).

Just kidding (sort of) - this should be a great fight, headlined by two PSU youngsters - 165-Joseph and 285-Nevills - tangling with two decorated Badger vets, Cousin Ike and Medbery. As a reminder, you can catch Ironhead Byers with the radio call, for the price of on-the-house, via GoPSUSports. Let’s open thread.