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Penn State Depth Chart & Injury Report Week 8: Michigan

Would you like Fries with that?

NCAA Football: Penn State at Northwestern Jim Young-USA TODAY Sports

After a few weeks of indecision on the depth chart, the coaching staff has committed to Will Fries as the starting right tackle. This had been reflected on the field against Indiana and Northwestern, but depth chart changes tend to lag behind what we see on the field. The redshirt freshman will have his work cut out for him against a strong Wolverines defensive front.

Some shuffling was necessary with Fries’ move to a starting role, as Chasz Wright or Andrew Nelson will now be backing him up. Redshirt freshman Alex Gellerstedt replaces Sterling Jenkins as the 3rd string left tackle, pushing Jenkins off the three-deep.

Everywhere else on the depth chart is unchanged from before the bye. Let’s hope it stays that way heading into the final six weeks of the regular season.

Penn State Depth Chart Week 8 Michigan