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Black Shoe Degenerates Week 8: Poor, Poor Tennessee

Alabama is really good. Are they 36-point favorites vs Tennessee good? We’ll find out.

Arkansas v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The most satisfying way to win a wager is by half a point. This also happens to be the most excruciating way to lose it. Indiana came back from 10, twice, to send the game to overtime. It nearly guaranteed the most they could lose by was 7. Meanwhile, Mississippi State beat BYU by exactly 25, ensuring another close win. Too bad Maryland ran out of gas in the second half.

Richness Factor (<- this is a link to the full standings)

  1. mbailey71: 5556.18
  2. MrNoPants: 5006.25
  3. afields16: 4042.68
  4. garder54: 3448.90
  5. Sperbro: 2833.40

Another shift in the standings, and a few players who made some moves saw those moves work against them, which opened up an opportunity for a new top 5 entrant.

The Picks

Iowa -1.5 at Northwesten - It’s a home game for the Wildcats, and they did prove they’re not yet dead in the water on the road at Maryland. However, Iowa is not on their 67th quarterback for the season, their defense even in losses, held both Michigan State and Penn State at bay, and Iowa is coming off a bye. The teams will score, but Iowa comes out on top. $200

Tennessee +36 at Alabama - I don’t know why I keep picking against Alabama. Maybe it’s masochism on my part. I just can’t get over the fact that this is still a rivalry game, and Tennessee is going to get up for this game. Also, Butch Jones is already playing for his job, so he knows he has to give a good showing in this game if he wants to make it back to Knoxville. $58.23

Iowa State/Texas Tech OVER 67.5 - Texas Tech has a defense this year, so I don’t expect Iowa State to score 66 on their own, like they did last season. But I still expect both teams to score a hefty amount of points, enough to overcome the 67.5 line.* $300


Last Week: 2-1
Season: 13-9
Richness Factor: 1058.23

*Watch them score exactly 67 points.