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Rece Davis, Desmond Howard and Kirk Herbstreit Speak In Front of Old Main

Flattery was on the menu today, and it came from all angles. The crew seems very impressed with the team and university.

Today some of the on-air crew for the ESPN CollegeGameday broadcast took questions from the media. There has been a great deal of anticipation for many students and fans that have not had the recent pleasure of having the live national broadcast hosted on the Penn State campus.

One very unique aspect to this Saturday’s broadcast is its location. From Old Main Lawn the nation will hear about the great news coming out of Happy Valley. While not everyone that enjoys Penn State football will tune in to the broadcast, it is positive exposure that can only benefit the university and football program.

This is what Rece Davis had to say about the location of the broadcast. Davis even took time to bless one reporter that could not hold a sneeze.

Kirk Herbstreit had only great things to say about the atmosphere on the Penn State campus, its alumni and students. At one point he spoke about ‘a certain elegance about them’ when mentioning current and former Penn State football players. Here is a part of his interview.

Desmond Howard spoke about the Heisman race and how it has changed just since the beginning of the season. He seemed reluctant to give Saquon Barkley advice on how to win the award. “Don’t change, just do what you do,” was Howard’s most important piece of advice.“

We’ll be at the broadcast tomorrow and will have footage of the hysteria caused by the excited fans during the broadcast. It should be a very fun day leading up to the prime-time white-out kickoff.