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A Mahon of His Word: PSU Won The Physical Battle

The senior leader speaks of his time and Penn State and the win versus Michigan

Following the momentous blowout victory versus Michigan, we got a chance to talk with senior offensive lineman Brandon Mahon. He was direct in his answers but also very thoughtful.

Mahon was asked about what position in the rankings he feels the team deserves. His answer was what a coach would want to hear.

When speaking about where the team is right now, considering the outlook that he and others in the recruiting class of 2013 faced coming in to Penn State. He spoke about buying into the entire university and its experience and qualities more so than projecting a bunch of winning on the football field.

This is what Mahon had to say about facing Michigan once again following the ‘disrespectful’ loss to the Wolverines last season.

On what the win means to he and his team. He thanks coach Franklin and it is apparent in his answer that Franklin’s mental approach has rubbed off on the big senior lineman.

Speaking about the defensive line of Michigan he had nothing but respect for his opponent. He also didn’t seem afraid to mention that Penn State ‘out-physical(ed)’ the Wolverines.

It’s nice to have leadership like Mahon and others that committed to the team when the future looked bleak for their playing days at the university. They deserve every inch of success that they are feeling right now.