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Sights and Sounds: Penn State Football Players Discuss The Michigan Game

The players seemed to embrace what is important, teamwork and diligent preparation, for their success on Saturday night.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

We had a chance to catch up with a few players following the game. Coming off a massive win versus a squad that handed Penn State a painful loss last season, the team had a feeling of relief and contentment in their accomplishment.

DaeSean Hamilton spoke about facing the Michigan defense, knowing that it was planning on playing single-coverage for most if not all of the game, putting the pressure on the wide receivers to win their match-ups.

Hamilton mentioned some of the new formations and plays that were unveiled during the game. It’s not surprising that a player that is known for having stellar work-ethic and practice habits gives the credit to repetition in practice.

Koa Farmer followed Hamilton and was asked to describe the senior receiver’s practice habits and how it helps the rest of the team understand how to prepare for competition.

Farmer touched on the wrinkles that the Michigan offense gave during the game and what it is like to have to adjust on the fly to new looks.

Farmer then discussed Penn State’s offense, starting with Saquon Barkley but then moving on to talk about how the unit is playing a great complimentary style in which every player is making the team better.

Ryan Buchholz spoke about the defensive performance that the Lions gave and how important having a great defensive coordinator such as Brent Pry is to the team.

When told about the number of sacks the team had, a season-high seven, he touched on what really matters to the defense in a game with so much importance.

Penn State’s defense made a statement playing opposite what some people are calling the best defense in the country in Michigan. Here’s what Kevin Givens had to say about and playing under the lights in a white-out condition.

Senior cornerback Christian Campbell had this to say Jason Cabinda and his leadership on and off the field.

Campbell was asked about the new attention that this win may get for the defense and how it will affect them moving forward.

And finally, here’s a shot of the final scene from the field at Beaver Stadium following the win. The team is enjoying the moment with thousands of fans in the seats above. Mike Gesicki was feeling it about forty seconds into the video, looking like the front-man of a grunge rock band. Or something.