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Penn State Depth Chart & Injury Report Week 9: at Ohio State

Quiet week on the depth chart front. The calm before the storm.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State looked pretty good under the lights on Saturday night, shellacking the Wolverines 42-13. What’s more, they escaped without any major injuries heading into a crucial road trip to Columbus to take on Ohio State. The combined quality performance from almost every position, and lack of injuries makes this a boring week on the depth chart watch - which is a good thing.

As if to reassure us that the coaching staff did indeed think about the depth chart before releasing it, the sole change is this week the migration of an ‘OR’ up a slot at right tackle. The starter is now listed as Will Fries OR Chasz Wright. The offensive line as a unit played very well against Michigan, so this may have more to do with Chasz Wright improving or returning to health than the play of Will Fries. As always, speculating about a James Franklin depth chart is a dangerous game.

Penn State Depth Chart vs. Ohio State