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Black Shoe Degenerates Week 9: Game Of The Year Awaits

The Biggest Big Ten game of the season is up on us. How will it turn out?

NCAA Football: UNLV at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it looks like it’s going to be one of those seasons. Another 0-fer week leaves me on the verge of .500 again, with two of my three picks coming down to a backdoor cover, and one that never had a chance to begin with. I’m done picking against Alabama until next week. Also, Texas Tech, can you please not play defense anymore? It’s messing with my picks.

Iowa was the biggest snake bite to virtually everyone here, as most people who did pick that game picked Iowa to win. They were, after all, a missed field goal and/or a penalty on 4th and inches from pulling it off, too.

Richness Factor (<- this is a link to the full standings)

  1. MrNoPants: 5151.65
  2. mbailey71: 3556.18
  3. GSAPS: 3241.13
  4. Dom Flaim: 3229.23
  5. afields16: 3015.38

Several big losses among last week’s top 5 led to another shift, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this continues to look completely different from here on out based on the major winners.

The Picks

Penn State ML at Ohio State (+200 ML, +6.5 spread) - Every argument in favor of Ohio State in this matchup (they’ve been destroying everyone, Penn State hasn’t faced an offense like this one, it’s at home) has a counterpart. For as good as this team’s offense is, Penn State is still the best defense they’ve faced. For as much as they’ve been destroying everyone, Penn State has equally been destroying their opponents. Oh, and about that home game? The last time they played at home against a team as close in quality to Penn State? They lost, and scored 16 points in the process. Penn State’s tough opponent? Nearly 600 yards of offense, and a methodical touchdown drive when it mattered. $400

Texas Tech +20 at Oklahoma - Yes, Texas Tech hasn’t looked like world beaters in the past two games, but the Oklahoma defense let Kansas State score 35 points. I don’t know that they’ll be able to stop Texas Tech the way Iowa state was able to. This game is a good alternative for the over, but I’m not falling for that trap twice. $25

Georgia Tech +14 at Clemson - This is another game that seems way too high for a team that has yet to lose a game by more than seven points. By nature, Georgia Tech’s shortest drive, even when that drive is a three and out, will take chunks of time off the clock. We don’t yet know if Kelly Bryant is ready to go, and I could see Clemson destroying if he is, but I don’t have that much faith in his ability to fully recover in two weeks. $25

Michigan State -2.5 (-115) at Northwestern - Is Vegas on drugs? I can understand the Penn State line being what it is, but this line, along with the other two above, make no sense to me. This game opened up at 1.5, and has fluctuated between that and 3.5 ever since. I know I pick on Northwestern a lot (because they suck), but this line seems baffling to me. Michigan State’s defense could very possibly be the second best defense in the conference (third if you still think Michigan’s defense is any good), and Northwestern’s offense tends to take entire halves off from time to time. Michigan State also remembers the 50 Northwestern dropped last season, and if there is someone more vindictive than James Franklin in this conference, that person is Mark Dantonio. $50


Last Week: 0-3
Season: 13-12
Richness Factor: $500