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NEED TWO: Ticket Prices Week 6

College Football’s Supply-Demand Curve for Week 6

Notre Dame v Florida State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Few things are more American than apple pie, or college football. But one of those few things is definitely supply-demand curves. Here’s a quick look at this week’s ticket prices.

Big Ten

MSU #7 MICH $309 $213
#9 WISC NEB $163 $80
UMD #10 OHST $125 $75
ILL IOWA $81 $53
#4 PSU JNW $57 $25
MINN PURD $54 $23
FCS IND $5 $5

The Sparty vs Khaki hatred is real, and it’s reflected in this week’s most expensive ticket. If you want lower bowl seats near the 50 yard line, the price starts at $309. If you merely want to get inside the Big House, it’ll cost you north of $200 per 16” wide seat.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, paper Indiana tickets will cost more to ship than to purchase, as the Hoosiers look to rebound against a nameless, faceless FCS squad.

The Top 25

#1 BAMA TAMU $289 $65
WAKE #2 CLEM $106 $49
ISU #3 OU $113 $31
#5 UGA VANDY $84 $69
CAL #6 U-DUB $141 $31
#23 WVU #8 TCU $267 $35
#11 WAZZU ORE $105 $41
OLE MISS #12 BARNER $151 $49
#13 MIAMI FSU $74 $69
ORST #14 USC $32 $14
#16 VATECH BC $79 $5
#17 LOU #24 NCST $89 $42
#19 SDSU UNLV $30 $15
STAN #20 UTAH $186 $76
#22 ND UNC $110 $44
#25 UCF CIN $42 $11

The SEC shrewdly launched a new marketing slogan this summer: “it just means more”. That’s genuine truth in advertising, as “more”, in the football sense, means “more money”. Not everything is cheaper in the Southland.

Want to be wowed? According to SeatGeek, you need at least $45 to get in the Kroger Field doors to watch Missouri at Kentucky. That’s incredible. Missouri might be the worst team in the last 20 years of Division 1A, and Kentucky’s never won anything, ever. They’re both horrible, and the football will be atrocious. The average college fan would probably pay $50 just to leave the stadium, had he/she been abducted and imprisoned at Kroger Field.

In any event - there’s the lineup. Which game gives you the best bang for your entertainment buck? Where would you most want to attend?