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Black Shoe Degenerates Week 6: Send Help

Can Michigan State repeat the road upset?

NCAA Football: Iowa at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Please respect my privacy as I endure these trying times. After starting the season 7-2, I’ve gone 1-6 the past two weeks to even my record at 8-8. Not good Bob!

Iowa didn’t have the letdown game most expected them to, but they did their best Michigan State impression by coughing the ball up every time they put themselves in scoring position, even though they held Michigan State scoreless in the second half.

Illinois proved they should be in the conversation for worst team in the Big Ten by letting a previously moribund Nebraska team run (and throw) all over them, and Washington State and USC, despite playing a very good game, didn’t score enough to go past the 65-point threshold. Lord help me.

Richness Factor

  1. mbailey71: 2920.18
  2. garder54: 2312.65
  3. GSAPS: 2312.65
  4. afields16: 2292.93
  5. Dom Flaim: 2261.18

We welcome two of our former top 5 players back into the top five, as the strategy of “put everything on one team and hope they hit” is paying off for them. Let’s see if it continues to do so.

The Picks

Penn State -14.5 at Northwestern - For a much shade as I throw their way, Northwestern isn’t really a bad team. They’re pboably not going to compete for Big Ten Championships on a regular basis (or at any point in the near future), but they’re not just going to roll over, especially in Big Ten play.

What makes this game different than those in the past is that, Northwestern isn’t that much better than their 2015 version, and some might say they’re worse, while Penn State is substantially better than the team that almost won in Evanston in 2015. I expect the game to be close in the first quarter, but once the defense settles in and the offense gets a few drives to wake up, the floodgates will open. $400*

Michigan State +320 at Michigan - The line is currently at 10.5, and I’m confident the Spartans will cover. So much so, that I am taking Michigan State straight up. Their disastrous 3-9 season last year and their turnover-ridden game against Notre Dame has kept people away from the Spartans, but let’s not forget, Mark Dantonio has three goals in life:

  1. Beat Michigan
  2. Embarrass Michgian
  3. Maybe make Michigan State good if they can.

If feels are not your thing, then consider this: Michigan’s defense is one of the best in the Big Ten, if not the country. The offense is, however, one of the worst in the Big Ten. On the other hand, Michigan State has been quietly putting up a top half defense and offense so far, which bodes well for a team that might only need to score 21 to win the game. $25**

Georgia State -1 at Coastal Carolina - I’m going to roll the dice on this one and say Georgia State comes up with the win against a Coastal Carolina team that, while a powerhouse in FCS, still has to get itself accustomed to the FBS level. The Panthers followed up their loss to Penn State by beating Charlotte 28-0, so there’s some level of competence there. $24.95


Last Week: 0-3
Season: 8-8
Richness Factor: 449.95

*I’ve committed the mortal sin of putting my entire stash on one team. May the lord have mercy on my soul.
**As always, if you don’t want to take Michigan State straight up, feel free to take the line instead.