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Penn State Film Room: Rush Offense

We’re keeping it simple this week, friends. Here are the first half, designed rushes from last Saturday’s tilt with Rutgers.

Kill The Lights

The first rush was a “lead draw”, made famous by the 1990s Dallas Cowboys, Emmitt Smith, and Daryl “Moose” Johnston. The OL takes a pass pro set. Mike Gesicki, from the wing, serves as the “lead” blocker (aka, fullback). Miles Sanders takes the delayed hand-off, bounces it wide, finds the corner on his own (by breaking a safety’s ankles), gets a block on the CB from DaeSean Hamilton, and picks up 14 yards.

Empty backfield, jet sweep to Miles Sanders. Will Fries whiffs on the middle linebacker, who, along with the unblocked safety, makes the tackle after a gain of 4.

Alright - we’re including one pass play in this film room, but it’s part of a larger point. Rutgers DT Jon Bateky, the 31st best player in the state of Maryland in 2015, makes quick work of LG Steven Gonzalez.

Saquon Barkley aligns in the “pistol”, behind Trace McSorley, to disguise his intended direction on this 1st and 10, inside zone run. Mike Gesicki gives an ¡Olé! to Rutgers’ OLB, and Barkley’s planted for a loss of 6. This one appears to be on either Gesicki or LT Fries, who goes after the same MLB that OC Connor McGovern tries to reach.

Lead draw, again, with Mike Gesicki as the fullback, again. Not good.

Read option. Unblocked DE tackles Barkley. McSorley keeps, makes two dudes miss, and scores.

Two tight ends, one pulling guard - this is supposed to be some kind of Power run on 3rd and short. It fails horribly. Mahon falls down, Gonzo can’t pick a hole, and their two targets blow up the play for another loss.

Inside zone. Gesicki can’t handle the DE, and someone - probably LT Will Fries - forgets to block the linebacker.

Inside zone. Rutgers DT Bateky must be country strong. He blows up Brendan Mahon with the same push-pull that he used on Gonzo above. Rutgers DE Kevin Wilkins, the 32nd best player in New Jersey in 2014, whips LT Fries.

Hit The Lights

On nearly every play above, at least one Nittany Lion got whipped, often in gruesome fashion. Toss in a couple missed assignments, and that’s how Saquon runs 4 times for (-6) yards in the first half.