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Black Shoe Degenerates: Week 10

Season’s over. Everyone pack your bags.

NCAA Football: Tulane at Memphis Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

I am at my death bed, waiting for the lord’s judgment on my soul. After blowing a 35-20 lead in the 4th quarter, Penn State dashed not only my hopes, but my virtual wallet too. Michigan State finding Notre Dame-like ways to lose the game, Texas Tech’s defense deciding it sucks again, and Georgia Tech not being able to move the ball at all left me with exactly $25 in the bank. What a fun ride this will be.

Richness Factor (<- this is a link to the full standings)

  1. MrNoPants: 4351.65
  2. Dom Flaim: 2629.23
  3. Sperbro: 2306.10
  4. TheNate: 2242.83
  5. TexasRef: 2129.38

Last week will now be known as “market crash week.” Nearly everyone’s valuation went down, and a large group of folks lost everything they had. The combination of Michigan State losing outright and Penn State not winning was just too much for everyone. Georgia Tech simply pushing saved a few folks from losing everything altogether.

The Picks

Memphis -12 vs Tulsa - The only thing standing between Memphis and an American West title is time. The Tigers have already beaten Navy and Houston, haven’t scored less than 30 points in any of their wins, and play SMU at home. This game will likely get out of hand very early. $25

As per the rules, I can’t pick any other games. So today you’ll get another opportunity to pick any game you want. However, you can only pick up to four games, including the one above (that means if you don’t pick this game you can only pick up to three others).


Last Week: 0-3-1
Season: 13-15-1
Richness Factor: $25