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Penn State Matcast is Back Just In Time For Wrestling Season

Like podcasts? Like wrestling? Well have I got just the thing for you!

NCAA Wrestling: Division I Wrestling Championship Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

After an extremely successful first season in which you guys provided us a ton of support with listenership, both myself and Garrett Carr are back on the airwaves for the Penn State Matcast.

Last year the Matcast covered Penn State wrestling from day one of the season up until its national title win, and this year we hope to do the same.

We’ve partnered with Lions247 to get the Matcast up and off the ground this year and you can find Garrett over there providing you all the Penn State wrestling news. Though I will, as ever, be stationed right here providing you the best coverage I can alongside side Cari Greene, BScaff and our buddy JP who has come aboard for this season.

So, without further adieu, here is episode one of the season in which we discuss among other things:

Penn State’s situation at 125-157

The NWCA Classic

Nick Lee being the next PSU hammer

Garrett’s weird pronunciation of words

Our national champion predictions at the first five weights