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NEED TWO: Bowl Game Tickets

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Notre Dame v Florida State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Wow - we’ve reached the college football season finish line. Let’s look at secondary market ticket prices to the bowl games.

Big Ten

WHEN WHO-A WHO-B Bowl (First Year) City Midfield Nose Bleeds
30-Dec #6 Wisconsin #10 Miami Orange (1935) Miami, FL $293 $153
29-Dec #8 USC #5 Ohio State Cotton (1937) Arlington, TX $370 $85
30-Dec #11 Washington #9 Penn State Fiesta (1971) Glendale, AZ $289 $73
1-Jan South Carolina Michigan Hall of Fame (1986) Tampa, FL $214 $86
27-Dec Boston College Iowa Pinstripe (2010) New York, NY $156 $81
28-Dec #18 Washington State #16 Michigan State Holiday (1978) San Diego, CA $109 $35
27-Dec Arizona Purdue San Francisco (2002) Santa Clara, CA $170 $25
29-Dec Kentucky #21 Northwestern Music City (1998) Nashville, TN $127 $17

Leading the conference slate for most expensive ticket is the Big Ten runner-up, Wisconsin, who heads to Miami to play....Miami. The Badgers always travel well - but the Orange Bowl is no longer the Orange Bowl; it’s the “Hard Rock Cafe Stadium”, and it seats only about 2/3rds of the old Orange Bowl. But rumor has it the toilets flush now, so it’s not all bad.

Top 25

WHEN WHO-A WHO-B Bowl (First Year) City Midfield Nose Bleeds
1-Jan #4 Alabama #1 Clemson Sugar (1935) New Orleans, LA $1,606 $275
1-Jan #3 Georgia #2 Oklahoma Rose (1902) Pasadena, CA $617 $256
1-Jan #12 UCF #7 Auburn Peach (1968) Atlanta, GA $260 $90
28-Dec #13 Stanford #15 TCU Alamo (1993) San Antonio, TX $239 $37
30-Dec Iowa State #20 Memphis Liberty (1959) Memphis, TN $96 $80
1-Jan #14 Notre Dame #17 LSU Citrus (1947) Orlando, FL $196 $40
16-Dec Oregon #25 Boise State Las Vegas (2015) Las Vegas, NV $112 $64
28-Dec #22 Virginia Tech #19 Oklahoma State Blockbuster (1990) Orlando, FL $126 $30
29-Dec Arizona State #24 NC State Sun (1935) El Paso, TX $55 $33
30-Dec Louisville #23 Mississippi State Gator (1946) Jacksonville, FL $53 $28

It’s no easy task to establish the bowl origins of some of these contests. The Liberty Bowl made a heckuva lot more sense when it was played in Philadelphia, as it originally was in 1959. What in the world does Memphis, Tennessee have to do with the Liberty Bell - or plain old Liberty, for that matter? It’s the birthplace of the Klan, and home of Nathan Bedford Forest. It would make far more sense to call it The Oppression Bowl, or The Segregation Bowl.

But at least they’re not stuck with the corporate name for a chain of VHS rental stores. Blockbuster - a perfect match for Orlando, FL.

Yes, friends, tradition is the bedrock foundation of college football. And what better monument to that tradition than bowl games, all but 6 of which were started in the previous two decades; and all of which are so shamelessly draped in corporate sponsorships as to become nearly unrecognizable?