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Success with Hyperlinking is Ready to Go Bowling

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Bowl season begins on Saturday, December 16

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

The BSD Team will be sharing our predictions for the first week of college football bowl season tomorrow, in the meantime the SB Nation homepage has a full breakdown of what to expect.

Our sister site, UW Dawg Pound has begun their coverage of the upcoming game between UW and PSU, asking, “Is Penn State the UW of the B1G?”

Following up their preseason “Watchability” rankings, ESPN has released an updated version, with Penn State coming in at #6 (two spots below where they started the year).

Leading into the wrestling team’s conference opener, Cael Sanderson updated the status of a pair of injured Nittany Lions, or did he? In standard coach-speak fashion, Sanderson didn’t offer up anything definitive, giving us insightful lines like, “They’re getting ready, and they’re both looking good,” and “Sometimes, it just take time.”

The men’s basketball team has just four non-conference games remaining on their schedule, and Lions247 breaks down 5 things the team must accomplish before resuming conference play. I’ll give you a hint: the first thing is to win the next four games.

On a more somber note, former Penn State running back Larry Johnson was recently interviewed by the Washington Post, sharing his struggles with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).