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Black Shoe Degenerates: The Final Countdown

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Last week of the regular season. Let’s make it count!

NCAA Football: Miami at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Well well well. Here we are, at the end of the regular season. Unlike what I previously thought, there was a massive shift in the standings, as several folks decided to put it all on the line to ensure they remained at the top (or in hopes of usurping the top spot).

Both Penn State and Michigan did their jobs last week, so anyone who stuck with the plan saw their efforts pay off. I’m still under 100 dollars though. Sadness.

Richness Factor (<- this is a link to the full standings)

  1. MrNoPants: 7670.85
  2. mbailey71: 6408.50
  3. GSAPS: 5345.17
  4. afields16: 5078.50
  5. Sperbro: 4487.60

The stranglehold on the top spot remains, but several people who had as much faith in Penn State as #1 did, managed to close the gap.


Wisconsin +180 (+5 spread) vs Ohio State - Ohio State has the talent to do the same thing they did in 2014, the last time they faced Wisconsin. The difference, however, is that Wisconsin team was iffy, but got exposed during the season. This Wisconsin team is considered iffy, but nobody exposed them this season. Meanwhile, the Iowa team that gained 66 total yards against Wisconsin dropped 55 points on the Buckeyes. I think the script remains the same, and Wisconsin will overcome their own mistake-ridden first half and put the game away in the second. $57

Miami +310 (+10 spread) vs Clemson - Maybe Pitt exposed something in Miami that nobody else had to this point. Or maybe upsets are a thing and winning on the road is hard, as Clemson showed earlier in the season by losing to Syracuse. Clemson, ultimately, has the talent to win the national championship again, but I think defense will be the difference in this one, and Miami is one of the best in the nation at generating turnovers. $25.83


Last Week: 2-0
Season: 16-15-1
Richness Factor: 82.83

This is it everyone, last week of the season. Make it count!