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Penn State vs Coppin State Preview: It’s A Game

The only thing these two teams have in common are the numbers zero, one, and four.

NCAA Basketball: Rider at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

When this game was announced as part of the non-conference schedule, we all knew that this would be the one most of us could rightfully skip without feeling bad about ourselves. As such, let’s get straight to the point. These teams have two things in common: Coppin State’s record, 0-14, happens to contain the same three numbers as Penn State’s 10-4 record. The Eagles, like the Nittany Lions, also happen to have five starters on the field at the beginning of games. That’s it.

Even with Penn State’s deficiencies, they should be able to pull away from this team rather quickly. That is, of course, unless the team decides that all they have to do is show up. Then they’ll lose by a point again.

Scouting the opposition

Keandre Fair has the highest eFG% of anyone with a usage rate over 40%, at 47.5. For comparison’s sake, Jamari Wheeler’s 42.2% rate is the lowest on Penn State’s side for the same usage rate threshold. If you compare offensive ratings, the disparity worsens.

It’s not all bad news for Coppin State, as Karonn Davis’ assist rate rivals that of Tony Carr, at 36.2. He, and Lamar Morgan, are shooting 80+ percent from the line as well. Who knows, if the world collapses on itself, it might make a difference.

What to watch for

Uh, how quickly can they open up a 20-point lead? - It took West Virginia 18 minutes and 47 seconds to open up the 20-point lead they wouldn’t relinquish. Can Penn State beat that?

Will the starters rest? - Will the starters rest, as they gear up for Maryland on Tuesday, or will they play most of the game?


I’d love to predict a loss here just for the fun of it, but the reality is that even the most defeated team in the history of history can come out and beat these guys. That must be depressing for Coppin State players. Penn State 97, Coppin State 56