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The College Football Playoff Field Is Set: Big Ten Misses Out

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Ohio State misses the playoff after beating Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship Game

Big Ten Championship - Ohio State v Wisconsin Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The field is set. The Clemson Tigers, Oklahoma Sooners, Georgia Bulldogs, and Alabama Crimson Tide are your four College Football Playoff participants. In a somewhat controversial pick, Alabama was selected for the fourth spot, after Penn State was left off the field for having two losses last season.

Oklahoma will be playing Georgia in the Rose Bowl on January 1st, followed immediately by the Sugar Bowl, which will pin Clemson against Alabama.

This show that number of wins are seemingly the most important selection factor, because a very similar scenario to last season led to a very similar result, based on this one constant. Consistency has been an area of criticism for the selection committe in the past, but it’s hard to argue that they are not consistent, given the results above. If you lose two games, you’d better pray everyone else also has two losses, otherwise you’re not getting in.

Your job as a Power 5 program is to fisrt schedule as good a non-conference as you can, secondly, lose no more than one game per season, and third, win your conference. Everything else will fall into place if those three are taken care of. However, if you have to miss on one of those three, it better be the championship.

Penn State’s bowl matchup will be revealed later on.