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Penn State Football Shares Its Victory With The Fans

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In the immediate aftermath of the game, the players showed their appreciation for the fans that came thousands of miles to support the team.

PlayStation Fiesta Bowl - Penn State v Washington Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

The Penn State football team took care of business in Phoenix on Saturday, earning a 35-28 win versus the tough Washington Huskies defense. In the moments that followed the victory, the elements that many PSU fans appreciate most were evident.

The fan base that follows the Lions to wherever they play was on display in Arizona. This video shows the reaction to the win by the faithful fans and also the cheerleaders. While cheerleaders are commonly known for their cheeriness, you can see the elation in their faces as they celebrate the victory.

In a very nice gesture following the game, many players made a lap around the field giving the fans high-fives to share the experience.

One very cool moment was seen when backup punter Dan Pasquariello took off his helmet and gave it to a young PSU fan to try on for size. While the young fan was clearly enjoying the moment, so too was Pasquariello, as you can notice his smile as he ran off the field.

And of course the team took time to sing the alma mater with those in the stands who waited for the moment rather than leaving out of the stadium immediately following the game.

Jason Cabinda spoke of his appreciation of the fans and also gave credit to Brandon Smith, who made the clinching play at the end of the game.

Here’s Brandon Smith talking about his experience with the team and also his plans for the future. The soft-spoken linebacker is the epitome of what we Penn State fans want the players to strive to become. He is humble, yet very ambitious, and if the whole NFL thing doesn’t work out, well, I guess he’ll just have to be a doctor. Shortly after this video Smith was asked which school he would like to attend for his potential medical education. His response was “any school that would take me.” Smith will likely have many choices if that is the route that he decides to take, but his under-spoken answer is exactly the type of response that we have become used to getting from him.