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MMQB: Alabama or Ohio State?

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Did the committee get it right in choosing the Tide over the Buckeyes?

All State Sugar Bowl - Alabama v Ohio State
The collective feeling of every Buckeyes fan after seeing the ‘Bama logo pop up in the fourth slot of the selection show.
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

As Championship Saturday concluded, the top three spots were firmly set in place. Reigning national champs Clemson would remain the top seed after dominating Miami in the ACC Championship. Oklahoma was certainly in with an impressive victory against TCU, while Georgia was playoff-bound after taking down Auburn. But what about the fourth slot?

The debate raged on late into the night and did not cease until the Alabama logo popped up in the #4 slot. But did the committee get it right?

If you were given final say, would you have put Alabama or Ohio State at number four? Or would you have even considered another team ahead of the Buckeyes or Tide?

Alabama had an outstanding season, but are more beatable than in recent seasons of the Saban era. Ohio State had the distinction of being conference champions, but its two losses both are difficult to swallow. One was a sound defeat at home against Oklahoma, suggesting the Buckeyes wouldn’t fare well against any of the playoff teams on a neutral field. The other was a 31-point loss to an unranked team, which is incredibly difficult to forgive.

You can look at this any number of ways, but the important thing for me is that the committee showed consistency from last year when they picked a Buckeyes team with a better record over a two-loss Penn State team that won the conference (and head-to-head match-up, but that’s neither here not there for this discussion). If the committee would have went against their logic from a season ago, it would have proven that they will bend to get the teams they prefer, as opposed to their claim they are selecting the top four overall teams.

So what say you BSD reader? Did the committee get it right by selective Alabama instead of Ohio State?