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YAY HOOPS: Penn State vs. Nebraska Open Thread

It may be Valentine’s Day, but we’ll still be cheering against Big Red.

Flaming Bus Jumping over a line of motorcycles.

Penn State continues its second road tour of the season against the less threatening, but nonetheless very capable red team in the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

With Ed Morrow back, the Huskers gave Wisconsin all they could handle, but eventually came up short in their only game of last week. Julian Moore being back may prove to be beneficial as having Mike Watkins as the only option at the 5 is not a sustainable strategy.

A win would put Penn State back at .500 in the Big Ten, and in great position for the NIT.

Game starts at 9:00pm EST on BTN, with the Nittany Lions traveling to Lincoln to take on Nebraska (10-14, 4-8).

As always, be civil and no sharing illegal streams or links.