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THON 2017 Raises Ten Million Dollars for Cancer Research

Penn State holds its annual THON marathon this weekend, which raised $10,045,478.44 to find a cure for pediatric cancer.


Penn State’s annual THON weekend just came to a close, and with it came the announcement that the event raised $10,045,478.44 for pediatric cancer research.

Since its inception in 1973, THON has raised $147,703,369.10 over its lifetime to help kids battle and overcome many forms of pediatric cancer. The raised money goes directly to Four Diamonds Fund, which then uses it for research, care, and support for both the children and their families.

The 46-hour event, in which a floor of dancers stand up for the events duration, is filled with activities to show support for both the dancers and the families in care. Including several performances by other clubs, athletic teams, and sometimes even by celebrities. This year, Joe Jonas and his band, DNCE, made a surprise appearance at the event.

Thanks to a wonderful effort by the Penn State community, THON continues to be one of the biggest contributors to pediatric cancer research, and care for the kids and families affected by the disease. This is something we can all be proud of.