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Penn State Releases Its New Athletics Facilities Plan (And They’re Quite Good)

Upgrades to Jeffrey Field, a new indoor, a new Natatorium, oh and some tweaks to Beaver Stadium.

NCAA Football: Penn State at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, Athletic Director Sandy Barbour announced Penn State’s plans to upgrade numerous athletics facilities. Amongst these upgrades, the ones that were given most emphasis included a new Center For Excellence/indoor practice facility (for many of the non-revenue sports programs), new natatorium, new indoor tennis facility, and significant facelifts to Jeffrey Field (soccer).

These upgrades are slated to happen over the next five years as part of a greater 20-year plan that includes a brand-new basketball-only practice facility owned by PSU athletics (which shoots through the heart Bon Jovi’s chances of ever kicking the hoops team out of their own facility again), as well as renovations to Beaver Stadium which include a brick “skin” surrounding most of the stadium, as well as changes to the seatbacks, elevators/escalators, better food options, amongst other things.

Anyway, that’s enough babbling from us: Here’s some pictures for your enjoyment.