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Success with Hyperlinking is Looking Ahead

Links and miscellany for your pleasure

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

While the men’s hockey and wrestling teams prepare themselves for post-season action (come on hockey, you can do it!), football and basketball find themselves in the middle of the winter doldrums. To help allay some of the dreariness, PennLive takes a sneak peek at how the Nittany Lions’ defensive line may shape up in 2017. Hint: it’s gonna be good.

Meanwhile, Victory Bell Rings takes a gander at the running back position group for 2017. Hint: it’s gonna be really, REALLY good.

Speaking of preparing for 2017, James Franklin recently shared his priorities and goals for spring practice. From the article:

"Team spring objectives: No. 1 is 100% effort on every play. Every person in the program, from snap to whistle.

"No. 2 -- the most competitive environment in college football. Every play is the Super Bowl.

"No. 3 -- offensive ball security, defensive ball disruption. We were undefeated in the games where we won the turnover battle.

"Those are the three main deals."

Lastly, the men’s lacrosse team continues its stellar season, having recently defeated Harvard 15-12, moving to 7-0 on the season. As a result of their success, they now find themselves #1 in the Nike/USL poll, and #3 in the Maverik Media poll. Meanwhile, the LAX ladies suffered their first defeat of the season at the hands of #10 Colorado, 16-11. Still, the Lady Lions are 7-1 on the season, and open Big Ten play vs. Rutgers this weekend.