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LIVE WRESTLING: No. 1 Penn State Begins Session 3

No. 1 PSU takes a slim lead into Day 2

It’s separation day. Moving day. Judgment day. We’re separating the goats from the sheep in this round. The contenders from the pretenders.

Ninety (of 330) wrestlers have already been trimmed from the competition. Those left all have aches, pains, a second straight weigh-in - and the competition only gets tougher. By the end of this morning, another 120 wrestlers will have been cut out.

Welcome to Session 3.


141 Jimmy Consi.Rd2 UN-Box (WYO)
149 Zpain Quarters UN-Kocer (SDSU)
157 Nolf Quarters UN-Clagon (RID)
165 Cenzo Quarters 6-Lewis (MIZZ)
174 Hall Quarters 4-Epperly (VT)
184 Bo Quarters 7-Dudley (NEB)
197 Mouse Quarters 4-Haught (VT)
285 Nevills Quarters 4-Kasper (DUKE)

The easy matches are long gone. And strangely, this will be a first meeting for most of our Lions with their respective opponents - except for Bo, who’s twice beaten Nebraska’s Dudley (last year’s finalist) this season.

A win in the quarterfinals counts as 7 team points; that’s 1 for advancement, plus an extra 6, for reaching the semi-finals (because semi-finalists are guaranteed to finish no worse than 6th place). Thus, as always, but especially this quarterfinal round, it pays to win.


Team Points- -Chmp.- -Consi.- -Elim.-
Penn State 30.5 7 1 0
Ohio State 26 5 3 1
Oklahoma State 25.5 7 3 0
Iowa 24.5 6 3 0

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Helpful hint on mat assignments - it looks like the quarterfinals will be on Mats 3, 4, 5, and 6 - the interior mats, while the consolations (wrestled simultaneously) will be on the outside mats (mats 1, 2, 7, and 8).