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LIVE WRESTLING: Big Ten Championships Session I

Join BSD for the first round fights


It took us 4 months to get here. And now the post season battle royale is finally about to begin. Your Penn State Nittany Lions enter as heavy favorites after destroying everyone else in the country. But their leadoff man Nick Suriano is questionable to wrestle. Will Nick go? And if he doesn’t - and with Jered Cortez also gone at 133 - can Penn State beat the rest of the conference with only 8 starters? (Hint: yes, they still can, because those 8 are that good). Tune it to find out! Nick will take the mat - or default - starting at 10am ET.

Here’s a link to the full brackets.

And here’s where you can listen to Ironhead call the action for FREE.

Video will cost you, via BTNPlus, because Jim Delany would lick his own butthole if you gave him a nickle.