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LIVE WRESTLING: Big Ten Championships Session 2

The Nittany Lions keep rolling

Did you enjoy your lunch? If yes, continue to line 2. If no, skip to line 3.

Line 2: Great! Loosen your belt, kick back with the rest of us. [Go to Line 4]

Line 3: So what? Do you think the PSU wrestlers were chowing down either?

Line 4: Let’s watch/listen to PSU work towards another B1G conference championship! Hoo-ray! Action starts at 6pmET.

Here’s a link to the full brackets.

And here’s where you can listen to Ironhead call the action for FREE.

Video will cost you, via BTNPlus, because Jim Delany would lick his own butthole if you gave him a nickle.

Action starts at 6pmET.