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2017 NCAA Wrestling Brackets


Starting at 4pmET today, the NCAA will release the 1- and 2-seeds for each of the 10 weight classes, followed by the full brackets beginning at 6pm ET. We’ll be live blogging the results right here.

In the not too distant past, we got some truly bizarre seeding results. For example, in 2014, Nick Dardanes - who had just finished 5th at Big Tens - got the 2-seed. And then he didn’t place at NCAAs. The next season, Cody Brewer - a returning All-American with a (21-1) record - got seeded 13th. Brewer scored bonus all the way to the final, where he won the title in similarly impressive fashion. Those two are off the top of my head. There were many, many others.

As a result of the public outcry over such tomfoolery, the NCAA altered its seeding formula. The biggest change was that it began using the Coaches’ Rankings. And this - believe it or not - actually greatly improved the seeds. Last year there were few complaints to be made. Expect more of the same this year (maybe).

We’ll put the seeds in the comments as they’re released, and update this post with links to the full results later. UPDATE: Here’s your link to the full PDF brackets. For now, here’s our swipe at the top 8 (out of 16 seeds) for each weight class.

125 133 141 149 157
1-Gilman (IOWA) 1-Tomasello (OHST) 1-Heil (OKST) 1-Retherford (PSU) 1-Nolf (PSU)
2-Dance (VATECH) 2-Gross (SDSU) 2-Jack (NCST) 2-Collica (OKST) 2-Kemerer (IOWA)
3-Suriano (PSU) 3-Brock (OKST) 3-McKenna (STAN) 3-Mayes (MIZZOU) 3-Lavallee (MIZZOU)
4-Cruz (LEH) 4-Clark (IOWA) 4-Kolodzik (PRIN) 4-Jordan (OHST) 4-Berger (NEB)
5-Lambert (NEB) 5-Micic (MICH) 5-Ashnault (RUTG) 5-Sorensen (IOWA) 5-Smith (OKST)
6-Lizak (MINN) 6-Montoya (NEB) 6-DiCamillo (UVA) 6-Chishko (VATECH) 6-Palacio (CORN)
7-Rodriguez (NDSU) 7-Forys (PITT) 7-Ward (UNC) 7-Thomsen (UNI) 7-Murphy (MICH)
8-Russell (BORO) 8-Richards (ILL) 8-Meredith (WYO) 8-Lugo (BORO) 8-Ream (NDSU)

165 174 184 197 285
1-Martinez (ILL) 1-Valencia (ASU) 1-Dean (CORN) 1-Cox (MIZZOU) 1-Snyder (OHST)
2-Massa (MICH) 2-Realbuto (CORN) 2-Nickal (PSU) 2-Pfarr (MINN) 2-Medbery (WISC)
3-Joseph (PSU) 3-Jordan (OHST) 3-Brooks (IOWA) 3-Moore (OHST) 3-Walz (VATECH)
4-Walsh (RID) 4-Epperly (VATECH) 4-Zavatsky (VATECH) 4-Haught (VATECH) 4-Nevills (PSU)
5-Lewis (MIZZOU) 5-Hall (PSU) 5-Boyd (OKST) 5-McCutcheon (PSU) 5-Schafer (OKST)
6-Jordan (WISC) 6-Preisch (LEH) 6-Martin (OHST) 6-Studebaker (NEB) 6-Kasper (DUKE)
7-Valencia (ASU) 7-Ramos (UNC) 7-Dudley (NEB) 7-Weigel (OKST) 7-Hall (ASU)
8-Cotrell (WVU) 8-Crutchmer (OKST) 8-Dechow (ODU) 8-Smith (WVU) 8-Kroells (MINN)

PSU Notes

  • 125: Nick Suriano is either the 2- or the 3-seed. It’s difficult to see him below the 3, since you’re (supposedly) not penalized for medical forfeits.
  • 141: Jimmy Gulibon probably doesn’t get a seed. Maybe a 16-seed, but even that’s unlikely.
  • 149: Zain is #1
  • 157: Nolf is #1
  • 165: Cenzo ought to be the 3-seed. He has the best quality wins of everyone not named Martinez and Massa.
  • 174: Mark Hall is probably either the 4- or 5-seed. The loss to Jordan in the Big Ten final closed the door on the 3-seed. Conversely, dropping to the 6-seed would be a head scratcher. Too many high quality wins.
  • 184: Bo will be either the 2- or the 3-seed. Our guess is 2.
  • 197: Mouse really helped himself with the 3rd place finish at B1Gs. We think he’s 4 or 5 with Jared Haught (VaTech).
  • 285: Fingers crossed that Nick’s the 3-seed, but more likely he’s the 4.


Hooray, full brackets at this link.