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Oh, Goodbye: Micah Parsons Decommits From Penn State

It was a long time coming, but five-star DE Micah Parsons finally opened things back up.

Sean Fitz/Lions247

After a prosperous recruiting weekend for Penn State, the Nittany Lions received some bad news late Sunday night as long time five-star commitment Micah Parsons announced that he was re-opening his recruitment.

Honestly, this isn’t surprising news, and it’s probably for the best. Parsons’ commitment had been in question for the last couple of months, most notably with the multiple visits he’s taken to Ohio State since the fall. We’ll see how Parsons’ recruitment plays out from this point, but common sense would say that the Buckeyes are firmly the team to beat here.

Current 2018 commit Isaiah Humphries (seemingly) had a message for Parsons shortly after his announcement: