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NFL Draft Live Blog

Garrett Carr and his group message friends break down the NFL Draft like only they can

NFL: 2017 NFL Draft Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

11:41: GOOOD Draft for San Fran! They got two top five talents and two extra picks. Nice work.

11:37: After that touching tribute to Dan Rooney, the Steelers with the worst pick of the whole draft. TJ Watt isn’t that good. He isn’t NFL Starting caliber. His Jockstrap still lays on the 15 yard line of Lucas Oil Stadium from what Saquon did to him. But his brother is pretty good!

11:29: With their 37th first rounder of the draft, the Browns take Miami TE David Njoku. He will be a great weapon for Sam Darnold in 2018.

11:24: Taco Charlton to the Cowboys which is fine but with Foster on the board I wish they would’ve pulled the trigger there. Cowboys do need pass rush though.

11:18: Tre’Davious White to the Bills. This seems like the first pick the bills made that wasn’t flashy in the first round in awhile.

11:09: I really like McKinley for Atlanta. Toughest thing for any offense in this league to do is block two dominant pass rushers for 40 dropbacks a game like they will have to against Super Bowl Champion Atlanta.

11:04: I love Jabrill Peppers. I think he’s a perennial Pro Bowler because he can play anywhere well. That being said, is Ryan spoiling the draft for us now?

11:01: Ryan thinks Jabrill is going to the Browns

10:55: OF COURSE the Raiders pick a dude with character concerns. That being said, I believe him, and it’s a pretty good pick. Gareon Conley can cover.

10:51: The more I think about it, my goodness how is anyone supposed to cover NYG. Good luck, Philly!

10:49: Giants take TE/WR Evan Engram. Honestly, if Eli’s arm stays attached to his shoulder, which is a big IF, they’ve got quite the weapons.

10:42: Dolphins take Charles Harris. Cool. Exactly how bad was the crime Reuben Foster committed?

10:40: Lions draft Jarrad Davis. He will be an above average 4-3 LB in the NFL. That is all

10:32: The Broncos took a dude that got kicked out of five schools before he turned his life around. Assuming his life has turned around, that’s exactly the kind of guy I want protecting my franchise QB of Trevor Siemian Paxton Lynch Tony Romo

10:29: OJ Howard to the Bucs! As a Jameis Winston Stan, the league better watch it. This is bad for pass defenses ever. This keeps a safety underneath so that Mike Evans can run that beautiful deep post. I’m pumped. Jameis Winston MVP 2017.

10:22: Tennessee takes Adoree Jackson, who appears to have recovered from the 3rd degree burns that Chris Godwin cruelly gave him at the Rose Bowl.

10:18: We will tell our grandkids about how DAN FREAKING SNYDER outsmarted the Eagles to get the second best player in the draft at pick 17 while the Eagles picked a poor man’s Kony Ealy a few picks earlier.

10:16: Jonathan Allen gets to play for Dan Snyder. Unreal. Sometimes good things happen to bad people, or vice versa depending if you’re Allen or Snyder.

10:08: I remember telling Matt earlier in the year that I thought Marlon Humphrey would be a true shutdown corner in the NFL. Then I watched him try to chase around Mike Williams and some random dude chosen from a Clemson fraternity unsuccessfully for a game and I backed off. However, he still has potential here for Baltimore at #16. Also shout out to the Make A Wish recipient fist pumping the pick. We need more of that.

10:05: Ryan: “ Washington is drafting without a GM who they canned because he didn't get along with the jackass owner. Then they're still using the GMs draft board.

Ladies and Gentlemen your 2017 Washington Redskins!!

10:00: Colts take Malik Hooker, which is the first good thing they’ve done in a very long time. Also, hot take time, Hooker will be the best player in the draft.

Me: thoughts on the pick Matt?

Matt: I can’t give them. they are rather explicit.

9:53: Naw. They didn’t do that. I couldn’t have dreamt of a worse pick. They know he does not cover people right? They know he does not catch passes right? Good Lord.

9:51: Eagle Fans singing the fight song, a song they’ve never sung after a Super Bowl.

9:49: I hope the Eagles screw up so bad. Please lord screw up.

9:46: Cardinals select Temple LB Haason Reddick and somewhere Bruce Arians weeps and throws pins at his Bill O’Brien voodoo doll.

9:41: Jabrill debate currently

9:38: Matt is acting like he just won the powerball. I don’t even like the kid as a prospect mainly due to the fact that sometimes when he throws the ball it goes to the other team. He actually did that more than any other QB in College Football the last two years, and even Rutgers has QB’s.

9:34: Bruce Arians has got to be so sad.

9:32: There has been a trade! Houston trades up here to #12 in Cleveland’s spot. Wait. Bill O’Brien coaches the Texans. It appears that he will get a good QB. GUYS. Be happy. Matt is losing his mind. He loves Watson. He loves Bill. Everyone be happy.

9:28: HAHAHAHAHAHAH ROGER SCREWED UP. He said “The New Orleans”, and that’s it. Also the Saints took Lattimore here at 11 which is a really good pick and now they don’t have to trade for Malcolm Butler. The Breaux kid is actually a pretty nice #2 corner so given the wideout combos in the NFC south this is a very solid pick.

9:21: Matt and Ryan are speechless

9:20: Wow. Patrick Mahomes is the man KC trades up for. I love Mahomes, just not for Andy Reid’s dink and dunk offense. Dude has a cannon, let it rip.

9:18: Matt and Ryan think KC is taking Watson, which if they agree generally means yeah that’s gonna happen.

9:16: Okay, time to catch our breaths. remember when the Bears traded up and gave up two picks for a player the team directly in front of them was not going to draft? That’s the price you pay for selling your soul to win the World Series!

9:13: Did Jonathan Allen test positive for something? Malik Hooker?

9:12: Bengals take John Ross to play opposite AJ Green which is fine. Ross ran 4.24 at combine, which is, like, pretty fast.

9:06: Matt: I hate, hate, hate that pick.


Here’s the problem with the pick. You’re taking a player who you now expect to play WR which is fine but he’s never played there significantly before. That sounds like a 2nd rounder pick to me but the hype gets him into the top ten.

9:05: Okay. Thomas Davis is going to make this pick for Carolina. This feels like McCaffery. It’s gotta be right? IT IS. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO RUNNING BACKS WHO CAN’T REALLY ACTUALLY RUN BETWEEN THE TACKLES IN THE TOP TEN WOOOOOOO

9:03: Gruden is right. Keenan Allen is a baller when his organs are working correctly. Chargers could actually have a nice offense next year.
9:01: RYAN: Mike Williams :(

9:00: Chargers get Mike Williams at #7. It’s just such a Chargers pick. So eh. So Average

8:57: Ryan is a Chargers fan. He’s not functioning well at the moment. Me personally, I think it is going to be McCaffery. It should be Allen or Hooker, though.

8:53: The Jets do a good thing! Though, to be fair, they actually usually do good things in the first round of the draft. Adams is really good, but boy oh boy do I like Hooker. Also as Matt points out, it’s been 9 straight years for a defensive player in the first round for the Jets. YOLO

8:52: Matt: Why isn’t anyone talking about Jonathan Allen
Everyone else: Shrugs

8:50: I (Garrett) am a nominal Jets fan. Everyone loves Adams and he’s good but my man crush on Malik Hooker makes me want him so bad here. I think Hooker has GOAT potential. Seriously.

8:47: RYAN (Chargers fan): The Chargers must be very sexually excited happy

8:44: Uh, what. Corey Davis #5? I mean he’s good. He’s probably going to be a fine #2 wideout in the league. Problem is you don’t draft #2 wideouts #1.

8:42: Okay, I’m caught up now. Fournette is really good. If you’re picking some football down at the schoolyard, pick this guy first. Is he a better NFL player than Barkley, McCaffery, Cook will be? Eh. I’m not so sure.

8:34: The last few years the Niners have been a punching bag. Trading down one spot for two picks and getting your guy anyways is the good stuff. As for Chicago, it’s the best trade in history if their franchise QB works out. If not, everyone is unemployed! Not just in the front office either. Everyone in the city’s lives depend on you, Mitch.

8:29: Want to know the worst part about having a life outside of sports? Other People might want to talk to you during hours important like this.

Anyways, Myles Garrett went first because the Cleveland Browns ownership did not want to risk death. Then there was a trade. We will get to the trade later.

For now, some introduction of some characters you may find in this live blog

Garrett Carr: That’s me, I like hot takes.

Ryan Mosso: Soon to be BSD staff, Chargers fan, very even keeled takes. Watches film. Listen to Ryan.

Jake/Luke: Stiller homers through and through. We still love them though.

Matt Reese: The most polarizing member of the group. He LOVES kids who won in college. If it was up to him, Watson would be first pick in the history of a draft where every nfl player in his prime was available. Also an Eagles fan who wants and I quote “Guys who can stay within five yards of a receiver.”

Anyways, let the fun begin.