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Success With Hyperlinking Will Break Every Record?

It may be the end of the spring semester, but there are still many reasons to celebrate Dear Old State!

UFC Star Phil Davis Visits Penn State Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

PennLive has several stories on Nittany Lion football this week, including surmising whether Andrew Nelson will be a significant factor on the offensive line in 2017. It’s nice to be a position where it would be great if Nelson can play and be productive, but also not the end of the world if he can’t be a game-changer at the tackle spot. What a difference a year (and a heck of a job recruiting and developing for the last two years) makes.

Could Penn State and Virginia resume their abandoned football series? AD Barbour says it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Let’s hope for a game without a need for a game-winning field goal.

Sports Illustrated came out with their post-spring practice power rankings, and Penn State has been placed at No. 5, just behind the second-place team in the Big Ten East, Ohio State. Will Juwan Johnson produce in the fall the way he reportedly did in the spring? Stay tuned.

Speaking of rankings, the Capital One Cup’s winter standings are out, and Penn State’s men’s sports teams are currently in ninth place after the winter season. Women’s athletics finished in third place in the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons, fifth in 2012-13, and ninth place in the 2013-14 season, while the men’s teams finished 21st in 2015-16.

Penn State baseball played a game in PNC Park. The Diamond Lions faced West Virginia in the Pirates’ home stadium on Wednesday night.

Army veteran and 2017 College of Education grad Danielle Joliet was featured on “Good Morning, America” (one of the producers is a Penn State grad, by the way) after being awarded Penn State’s Outstanding Adult Student Award, and graduating with a 4.0 GPA. A 4.0 GPA, while serving as mentor to other female veterans and being a parent to two kids? That’s impressive in itself, not to mention the other adversity she has overcome. Congratulations, Danielle!

A study by Penn State psychologists showed that there is no difference in males or females in terms of facial recognition. This is contrary to the long-held belief that women are better at noticing differences in faces. However, I don’t think I could tell the age or characteristics of a person by looking at their face for “30 milliseconds.” Maybe that’s just me, though.

In technical news, Penn State’s electronic system, LionPATH has received a face-lift. For employees and students of the University (like my sister-in-law), here’s hoping it functions more efficiently as well.

Finally, David Taylor claims that Penn State wrestling will “break every NCAA record there’s ever been” in 2017-18. Far be it from me to challenge the champ! Judging by the returning talent, and the wealth of blue-chip recruits coming in, he might not be wrong...