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TMQB: Which Penn State UDFA Has the Best Chance for Longterm Success in the NFL?

It’s not just players who get drafted that can have success at the next level.

NCAA Football: Big Ten Championship-Wisconsin vs Penn State Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY Sports

While Chris Godwin was the only Nittany Lions to hear his name called during the NFL Draft, there were several others who will get a shot at the next level this fall, as Eli detailed on Monday.

Of the four players who will enter the NFL as undrafted free agents (Brandon Bell, Malik Golden, Evan Schwan and Garrett Sickels), which one has the best chance to carve out his niche and be a productive player in 2025?

While I will be cheering on all of them to make a roster this fall and find long-term success, I would chose Brandon Bell as the most likely of the group to do so. Bell has obvious playmaking abilities. He is a constant disruptive force, and Penn State’s defense just was not the same whenever Bell wasn’t in the lineup. It’s also obvious that not many have the pure passion for the game that Bell exhibits. He will make the absolute most of his opportunity to succeed in the NFL. It also doesn’t hurt that Cincinnati needs help at the linebacker position, meaning his first stop could become a longterm one if he makes the right impression with the coaching staff between now and September.

So what say you, BSD reader? Which UDFA from Penn State has the best chance to make a name for himself on Sundays?