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MMQB: Is a Hot Dog Really a Sandwich?

It’s time to draw a line in the sand and settle this debate once and for all.

Halloween-Themed Children's Naturalization Ceremony Held In Virginia Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Well, we’ve officially entered the silly season. Spring practice is complete after culminating with the annual Blue-White Game. The NFL Draft is over, with a new batch of Nittany Lions preparing to begin their careers at the next level. Basketball, hockey and wrestling have been in the books for some time, all completing the season with varying levels of success.

We are more than 100 days out from Penn State’s week one game against Akron, so let’s take this opportunity to turn our focus to a longheld debate that always seems to elicit strong feelings from either side: Is a hot dog really a sandwich?

After some careful debate with BSD’s own Clay Sautertieg and Garrett Carr, among others, I have come to the conclusion that a hot dog is in fact a sandwich- as long as it is being consumed within a bun, or at the very least, within some form of bread.

Say you’re at home and take two hot dogs out of a package and throw them on the grill. You take one and put it on a plate by itself to eat, while the other is placed in a bun with some relish and mustard. These are two very different things, therefore they cannot both be hot dogs. The one being eaten by its lonesome is a hot dog. The one being enjoyed in the bun is a form of a sandwich, however you wish to define it.

If you’re still in disagreement, let’s further the point with another encased meat- an Italian sausage link. If you cut up the sausage and put it in some penne, you would be eating penne with sausage, correct? Now if you were eating a sausage link on a roll with grilled peppers and onions, and someone asked what you were eating, you wouldn’t just say “sausage.” You may call it a sausage sandwich, roll, hoagie, etc. Either way, it’s some form of sandwich, and not referred to simply as “sausage.”

So that’s probably much more on my opinions on hot dogs and other grilled meats than you would ever care to know- but what say you, BSD reader? Is a hot dog really a sandwich?