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MMQB: What is Penn State’s Strongest Position Group in 2017?

This question is much tougher than it appears...

NCAA Football: Maryland at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s MMQB question seems simple, but could be quite difficult to pick one position group over the others. Let’s take a look at the top candidates:

Running Back- led by a preseason Heisman candidate and likely top running back in the nation, backed up by the number one running back of the 2016 class and two very capable reserves who could start for most other backfields that did not include Saquon Barkley.

Quarterback- led by a Heisman darkhorse, some have speculated that the two best quarterbacks in the Big Ten both reside in Happy Valley. Behind Trace McSorley and Tommy Stevens are two four-star prospects in Jake Zembiec and Sean Clifford waiting in the wings.

Wide Receiver- this group includes a senior who once lead the Big Ten in receptions, as well as three huge targets in Saeed Blacknall, Juwan Johnson and Irvin Charles who have showed flashes of immense potential and could work together to create match-up problems that would be nearly impossible to resolve. Brandon Polk and DeAndre Thompkins also bring elite speed to the table that can really help stretch out the defense.

Offensive Line- Whoa, whoa, whoa- we’re actually talking about Penn State’s offensive line as a strength? You better believe it. Matt Limegrover did a brilliant job of developing and shuffling around a very young offensive line in 2016, and the group will only become better and deeper this fall. James Franklin has added some serious talent in the trenches since arriving in State College, and it should begin to pay off in a major way in 2017.

Defensive Line- This unit may be somewhat short on experience, especially at defensive end, but has the depth and talent to become one of the best defensive lines in the nation in the very near future. Curtis Cothran developed into a force by the end of the season, while Parker Cothren has been getting the job done in the middle for the last three years. Defensive ends Torrence Brown, Shareef Miller and Shane Simmons all seem destined for breakout seasons now that they be either starting or receiving regular reps. Meanwhile, Kevin Givens is proven and has sky-high potential and may not even be starting at defensive tackle. Don’t sleep on Ryan Buchholz or Robert Windsor either, who impressed in reserve roles as redshirt freshmen. And that’s not even getting into some seriously talented newcomers who will be entering their first year of eligibility this fall...

So what say you, BSD reader? What is Penn State’s best position group heading into the 2017 season?