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Only Kyle Brady Until Penn State Football

As we hit 81 days, let’s remember the best Brady.


We’re taking a ride in the way-back machine for today’s countdown, as we remember former All-American tight end Kyle Brady. The 9th pick in the 1995 NFL Draft played for the Nittany Lions from 1991-1994, and earned first team All-American honors in his senior year, catching 27 passes for 365 yards and two touchdowns. Brady spent 13 seasons in the professional ranks with the Jets, Jaguars, and Patriots, including a career-best year of 64 catches for 729 yards and three touchdowns in 2000. He is considered a draft bust for Jets fans because he was selected over Hall-of-Fame defensive lineman Warren Sapp. Brady ended up being a solid tight end in the league, recording career totals of 343 catches, over 3500 yards, and 25 touchdowns.

81 days to go!