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Only Sterling Jenkins Until Penn State Football

We’re only 76 days away from watching Penn State take on the Akron Zips!

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Can you feel the 2017 college football season creeping ever so closely? Today we are down to 76 days until Penn State’s week one clash against Akron. In 11 weeks from now, we’ll be savoring the highlights from Penn State’s (hopefully) triumphant victory and preparing for a Sunday evening filled with college football that will include Texas A&M at UCLA and West Virginia at Virginia Tech.

Today we celebrate #76, the mountain of a man known as Sterling Jenkins. The four-star prospect out of Pittsburgh is one of the largest members on the team, standing at 6-8 and 337 lbs. Jenkins has continually improved since joining the team in 2015. As a redshirt freshman, Jenkins received some valuable playing time late in the year after a slew of injuries to the offensive line, and played admirably as the offense remained incredibly productive despite having several starters and key reserves on the sideline.

Jenkins is battling for an increased role in 2017, and will be ringing that victory bell much more again this fall.

Only 76 days to go!