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Success With Hyperlinking Would Go First

News, analysis, and miscellany around the horn.

NCAA Wrestling: Division I Wrestling Championship Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The wrestling gurus over at Bloodround did what I never knew I wanted and now can’t live without - a draft of college wrestlers. They took an NBA model (30 teams in those respective cities) and had them each draft one round of NCAA Division 1 wrestlers, and, to the surprise of no one who’s paying attention, it’s chock full of Penn Staters. As they said:

Here's the thing. Sorry if you aren't a Penn State fan, but I don't have much of a choice here. These dudes are wrecking balls, and will continue to swing back and forth, taking things out of their path for a hot minute here.

Mark Hall, the true freshman phenom, was taken first, with Bo Nickal second, Jason Nolf third, and Zain Retherford fourth. Penn State’s fifth 2017 NCAA Champion, Cenzo Joseph, fell to 8th—just ahead of the face of American wrestling who finds himself on his back looking up against PSU freshmen, Isaiah Martinez.

Honestly, the only thing in that draft that I find puzzling (because Kollin Moore at fifth makes perfect sense to me, as I see that kid being a wrecking ball himself starting this year) is Kyle Snyder at the tenth pick. Kyle effing Snyder? Yeah, he’s a Buckeye, but he’s purely a joy to watch on the mat, and I defy anyone to seriously tell me different.

Ohio State alum Dave Jones decided to rank the Big Ten’s uniforms after PSU released the Generations of Greatness combination throwback for their Indiana game. I don’t want to say that his takes are utterly ridiculous, but his takes are utterly ridiculous.

He ranks Northwestern second (because apparently he likes purple and that makes them great?) and Ohio State, one of football’s classics whether you like it or not, third behind them. Iowa, another classic, is ranked 8th. But the kicker?

He ranks Penn State, traditionally ranked *nationally* in the top ten, at number nine. Behind the three above, and the Renn Fest abortion that is Maryland’s uniforms at number five. The only thing that we here at BSD can think is that Jones, in true Jones style, is pulling off an epic troll job. And if that’s the case, by god, it’s working.

Over on the mothership, a few days ago Jason Kirk went conference-by-conference and wrote about what football team would place where in each conference, if Vegas is spot-on (which never happens). Penn State has the best odds to finish second in the East. Kirk followed that up today with placing those teams in their respective bowl games - and, no surprise, has PSU on the outside looking into the playoff, going to Miami in the Orange Bowl.

What gets me the most in there? His prediction of Northwestern to the Holiday Bowl, facing Oregon (he picked the Wildcats to finish second in the Big Ten West). I think this sums up most of our responses fairly well.

If you’re a Penn Stater who’s also a Nats fan, like I am, once again the Washington Nationals are hosting Penn State Thon Alumni night - this time on July 8, against division rivals the Braves. Get your tickets here.

Yes, I’m aware that both the Phillies (on July 29) and Pirates also host Thon nights (in the Pirates’ case, this happened on June 13) - but if I can’t plug my team here, I don’t know where I can. And it seems more of a milestone outside the commonwealth.

QUICK HITS...Penn State football student season tickets sold out for the approximate two hundredth time in a row (but seriously, sophomores, 44 minutes? Sad)...Speaking of tickets, single game tickets go on sale to the public on July 11—but not for Michigan and Pitt, which are already sold out (but available through season ticket packages)...A whopping 145 PSU spring student athletes were named Academic All-Conference this past school year, bringing the school’s total to 299, which tied last year for most ever...A current Penn State student was crowned Miss Pennsylvania on Saturday, and she’ll have a chance to compete for the Miss America crown in September.