NWCA Natty Duals scratched for 2018

According to Intermat the NWCA has decided to not hold national duals in 2018. I am sure that Cael Sanderson won't be losing any sleep over this. Maybe he can bring the Nittany Lions down here and wrestle N.C. State. That would be a fun dual. Here are the important quotes from the story.

NWCA executive director Mike Moyer cited a need to resolve ongoing issues with the event, including timing and format.

"At the very least, we're going to take a year off," Moyer told Thursday. "There needs to be a lot more discussion around this topic. The challenges are this: Our coaches have such varied circumstances and it's very challenging trying to get them to agree to a standardized format. A lot of coaches have great ideas on how it should be done, but it's just proven to be more challenging to get everyone to agree to a single idea."

As a side note, I just saw a kid wearing a Penn State wrestling hat while I was watching the Pirates game.

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