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Success With Hyperlinking Is Just Plugging Along

Your Friday links, fresh off the grill.

Sean Clifford
Photo courtesy Bleacher Report
Sean Fitz, 247 Sports

2018 Quarterback Recruiting? Sean Clifford Ain’t Got Time For That!

Lions247’s Sean Fitz interviewed newly-enrolled freshman quarterback Sean Clifford to get his thoughts on the drama that surrounded Justin Fields decommitting from the Nittany Lions a couple of weeks ago and who Penn State might try to bring in at quarterback in their 2018 class (amongst other topics). Clifford naturally, brushed it aside:

“Ever since Fields decommitted I really haven’t kept up with it,” said Clifford. “Obviously I saw that and it was a bummer for our team, but I guess it wasn’t the right fit for him. I hope he finds what he’s looking for. I don’t think it changes my position at all. I’m coming in to play as early as possible. Someone decommitting really doesn’t have an impact on me.”

A Couple More Paternos Have Been Cast

Earlier this week, Kathy Baker and Greg Grunberg were confirmed to have been cast in the roles of Sue Paterno and Scott Paterno, respectively for HBO’s upcoming movie about IT. Baker currently appears in the Netflix original comedy series ‘The Ranch’ while Grunberg is best known for his role on the classic show ‘Heroes.’

Because It’s a Slow News Week...

Let’s see that video of Saquon Barkley squatting 405 pounds again!

Here’s a Few more News Nuggets For You: