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TMQB: Five Best Penn State Quarterbacks of All Time

The Nittany Lions have a pretty darn good quarterback in Trace McSorley. But where would he rank amongst the best to don the blue and white?


Inspired by bschultz97’s awesome fanpost, we’re talking Penn State quarterbacks in this question back this fine morning.

Though known mostly as Linebacker U, and at other times having great success in the defensive line and running back positions, Penn State hasn’t been too shabby at the quarterback position (I mean, if you can suggest a Hall of Famer should play linebacker instead of signal caller, you’ve got to be stocked, right?).

Current Nittany Lion QB Trace McSorley may move up in the record books after this season (and, potentially, 2018 if he stays), but right now he’s not quite there yet. Just some of the Penn State quarterbacks that are in contention:

  • Matt McGloin (don’t laugh - he had a record breaking 2012 for a reason)
  • Daryll Clark (the two-year starter only had 4 losses in his career)
  • Michael Robinson (led the Lions back to prominence in ‘05)
  • Zack Mills (underrated and held together by duct tape by the end of his career)
  • Kerry Collins (I mean, duh)
  • Tony Sacca (almost 6k yards in a career is pretty darn good)
  • John Shaffer (he only lost one game...between 8th grade and his last game, a pretty memorable Fiesta Bowl)
  • Todd Blackledge (how can you overlook the host of Taste of the Town - and the guy who brought Happy Valley its first national title?)
  • Chuck Fusina (Maxwell Award winner, All-American, Heisman runner up)
  • John Hufnagel (first Penn State QB to have over 2k yards in a season - and only had 3 losses over 3 years)
  • Chuck Burkhart (led the Lions to a pair of undefeated seasons—Joe Paterno’s first)
  • Shorty Miller (led PSU to its first undefeated season, and in the college football hall of fame for a reason)

My top five? Collins, Blackledge, Hufnagel, Shaffer and Clark. What about you? Which are your top five Penn State quarterbacks?