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Success With Hyperlinking Has Two Fullbacks and Two Tight Ends In The Same Formation

There’s a new Milne in town, but we will always remember the big fullback named Brian.


Spencer Milne was named as the Assistant Athletic Director for Annual Giving by Penn State. There is no relation between Spencer and former Penn State standout fullback Brian Milne, but it won’t hurt having him around to remind us of the glory days when the Lions employed two fullbacks and two tight ends in goal line situations.

On the positive close but no cigar side, Spencer has three degrees from the Ohio University, not the Ohio State University. So he’s a bobcat not a buckeye...whew. takes a look at another group of near-misses in the history of Penn State quarterback recruiting. A long list of quarterbacks that the Lions had a chance to sign but let get away takes us back decades. There are other cows on the prairie should some other vaquero corral Justin Fields, who re-opened his search for greener pastures this week.

Look at the big brain on Zena Cardman! Cardman is a graduate student at Penn State, and has been selected as one of twelve new entrants to NASA’s astronaut program. Over 18,000 people applied for the twelve spots available. To put that in perspective, that would be like taking all of the fans at an average Pitt home football game, tripling that number, and then taking only 12 out of that group.

As we all know, the Penn State family has a world-wide footprint. Penn State Today is hosting a contest for Penn Staters to submit pictures of where they travel during the month of June. The contest is for students, faculty, and staff at all Penn State branches.

ESPN is reporting that preliminary negotiations for an MMA event on the campus of Penn State are underway. Two former PSU wrestlers, Phil Davis and Ed Ruth, would be on the card.

Three additional Penn State athletes, taking the total to five for the year, have been selected as CoSida At-Large Academic All-Americans. Tyler Yazujian and Haleigh Washington were honored earlier in the 2016-17 academic year.