Cenzo vs. Martinez NCAA Finals -- with Byers audio! -- on YouTube again; how to download before it gets pulled again

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: In the box at the top, under the text "To download a video just insert a link!" paste the following link:

Step 3: Click on the green arrow next to the text box.

Step 4: Click on the green "Download" box.

Step 5: Choose "Save" in the download popup.

File will save to your Downloads folder as an MP4. Be patient -- it's huge (218MB).

And here's what you get (blatant words to reach Fanpost threshold):

  • The full match, including Cenzo's double overhook inside trip throw for the fall
  • Byers' most glorious call, including his voice cracking during the pin
  • The crowd erupting -- including even Cornell fans
  • Illinois coach (now Hawkeye Wrestling Club head coach) Mark Perry dropping his head
  • Cenzo almost knocking over Casey
  • Cael with possibly the biggest smile in his entire life
  • The foghorn
  • Cenzo running into the stands to celebrate with his parents
  • Seth Nevills celebrating 2 seats away from the Josephs
  • Bitter Missouri fans sitting next to the Josephs, still sore about losing to Zain and Jason, either not applauding or giving Cenzo a golf clap
  • Cenzo holding up 3 fingers and saying "3 more" (to become a 4x champ)
  • Cenzo's post-match interview with the ESPN matside reporter
  • Cenzo's mom saying "Holy Shit!"
  • Cenzo running into the tunnel and celebrating with everybody except Mark Hall (who was up next)
  • Replay of the throw from the side, including the ref's view of the pin
  • Another replay of the throw
  • The team celebrating, including Jason shoving David Taylor into the tunnel and Zain carefully setting his drink down behind a post
  • What the heck, yet another replay of the throw

You're welcome!

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