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Only Keith Conlin Until Penn State Football

53 days, everybody!

Keith Conlin

Long before he hosted a weekly podcast, and well before he pulled together the “Rise and Rally” to support the 2012 football team after the NCAA sanctions were revealed, Keith “Goon” Conlin was a nasty offensive lineman for the dominant Penn State football teams of the early ‘90s.

The high school teammate of former defensive coordinator John Butler and former strength and conditioning coach Craig Fitzgerald, Conlin followed his brother Chris (a member of the 1986 national championship squad) to Penn State, and should have won a national title himself as a starting lineman on the 1994 undefeated squad before being a focal point of the line at tackle his senior year, in 1995.

Conlin, who battled injuries throughout his career, was drafted in the 6th round in 1996 by the Indianapolis Colts, who switched him to guard, but was cut before the regular season. He then spent some time in the CFL.