Cael Speaks

I could put this in the FanShots but as we all know nobody reads the Fanshots. To wit, since June 6th only five have been posted and they have garnered a total of 28 comments. About half what hbeach gets just for one post. I know, I know, it's the off-season for all PSU sports so things are kind of slow.

Anyway, Mike Poorman at has been doing a series of interviews with some of the head coaches at Penn State. His latest, which was posted an hour ago, is with Coach Cael. And we know Poorman transcribed it fairly word-for-word because there are a few of those "right's" at the end of sentences which are not questions, but declarative statements. Bottom line, it's worth a read. Link HERE.

Oh, and as long as you're here, below are the singular words that each of the six coaches who Poorman interviewed used to describe their philosophy on athletics and life. Also is the one word Sandy B used. Care to guess which was Sandy's word?

  • Commitment
  • Heart
  • Why
  • Environment
  • Standards
  • Relationships
  • Gratitude

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