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Only Frank Di Leo Until Penn State Football

39 more days people. Hang in there!

NCAA Football: Rose Bowl Game-Penn State vs Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Frank Di Leo saw the field for the first and only time as a Nittany Lion during the 45-12 blowout versus Michigan State last season. The 5’9” 210-pound linebacker is not expected to make a major impact on the field for Penn State. He may, however, go on to a long and productive life, one that makes fellow Penn Staters proud to be associated with the junior out of Elmhurst, Illinois.

His family owns a restaurant in Chicago. Frank aspires to one day be a restaurant owner as well, which is why he is a business major. He lettered in baseball and track as well as football at Saint Ignatius College Prep before coming to Penn State. On the football field, he did not play for a powerhouse, nor was he heavily recruited, but he did help the team to a division title as a sophomore. It was the first for his school since 1946.

There are no pictures in the database available for Di Leo, so as motivation for the coming season Matt Boermeester, No. 39 for USC last season, was given the nod. The picture is of the moment prior to his game-winning kick at the Rose Bowl. Let it burn. Remember what it feels like to walk away from a close game without the win. Now let that pain turn into something else. Never cry again!

Just 39 more days until Penn State football!