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Only Chris Gulla Until Penn State Football

Just 37 more days until kickoff!

Gulla (credit: Clint Mickel)

Chris Gulla is an example of everything that is right with Penn State football. He joined the team in 2013, and while red shirting, accomplished a 4.0 for his spring semester. The next season he was forced into action as the team’s punter though not necessarily ready physically to do so. He was eventually replaced, and then platooned with Daniel Pasquariello. He held for Sam Ficken for part of the 2014 season.

By 2016 the arrival of Blake Gilliken made it impossible for Gulla to get on the field as a punter, but he held for kicker Tyler Davis for most of the season. He continued his academic success, finishing as a three-time Academic All-Big Ten selection. He had one year of eligibility remaining, but chose to move on, as he graduated in four years.

Gulla will not be remembered for his gaudy kicking statistics; he did not have those to boast. His holding was steady, but like most solid holders, the less he is noticed the better. It should be remembered that he was one of the many players that was forced into action for Penn State when its depth was cut critically short by the sanctions placed on the program by the NCAA. He went out there and did the best that he was able and was sometimes criticized for it. He was often in over his head in terms of the talent that he possessed compared to what he was expected to achieve.

Nice work, Chris, on the field and in the classroom. Good feet, great hands, big brain.