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Only Shane Simmons Until Penn State Football

34 days to go!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Shane Simmons came to Penn State as the most highly touted member of the 2016 recruiting class. Hailing from Laurel, Maryland, the four-star defensive end sat out his freshman year as he added bulk to his lanky frame. As a recruit Shane weighed in at 221 pounds, but after a year in the strength and conditioning program, he’s now up to 240 pounds, and is looking to be unleashed.

Tabbed as a possible breakout player for 2017, Simmons will still have some work to do. He currently sits behind Torrence Brown, Shareef Miller, and Ryan Buchholz on the defensive end depth chart. However, given how much Coach Spencer likes to rotate his Wild Dogs on the line, expect Simmons to see the field early and often on September 2nd. Akron will be just the first team to feel the wrath of the former #41 overall recruit.

Only 34 days until Penn State football returns!